Ian Davidson, President Global Mailing Solutions (GMS) Europe – Pitney Bowes

pitney-logoWestminster Associates engaged with my Executive team on a programme of transformational leadership development, when our organisation was going through one of the most significant strategic reengineering programmes it has known in its history. My team consists of 16 direct and indirect reports, from 5 countries. At the proposal stage I immediately saw the link between individual and team development and how this would support business objectives.

For around 18 months now, Westminster Associates have been partnering with us on a series of team development and 1:1 coaching interventions through which we have already learned a huge amount around an appreciation of self and others. Many of my team are commenting that they saw colleagues in a different light and have adapted their behaviour accordingly to work more effectively together. The language we learned is used daily – particularly to preface a potentially difficult comment/topic.

I have personally gained new views on some members of my team which is prompting me to change my leadership approach with them. This is enabling me to get greater buy-in to key decisions. I am impressed by the breadth and depth of the information in the diagnostic tools used and the way in which this is facilitated in the context of real business issues we face, during team sessions.

If we want leaders to change their behaviours they must be supported to make the change.  We must be able to assess those who are capable of changing and those who aren’t and provide support as appropriate. It is both this and the cost-reduction and process reengineering we are going through that will bring about significant and lasting change in our organization.

This programme is a clear demonstration that changes in team culture can be managed by existing staff without loss of focus or effectiveness on normal operating priorities. Over the longer term, I have no doubt that this programme will contribute to improved business performance, as a result of this team’s improved team effectiveness.


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