Our Services

The core of our work focuses on organizational culture, on who people are and how people do things. Our expertise lies in behavioural competence development and key areas of our work include:

  • Organizational Effectiveness
  • Leadership Effectiveness
  • Sales Effectiveness
  • Team Effectiveness
  • Personal Effectiveness
  • Public and Key Note Speaking

Our preferred Business Partner is Insights learning and Development Ltd and we are accredited to use their diagnostic tools and solutions in support of achievement of our client aims.

Our Consulting Methodology

Our approach is based on much of the work and teaching of Alan Weiss PhD and involves trying to align three factors at an organizational, team and individual level in order to maximize potential. Namely:

  • Environment – does your organization have a true understanding of the world in which you operate?
  • Competency – does your organization have the right mix of knowledge and skills to survive in this world?
  • Attitude – does your organization have the right approach to move your Vision forward?

Our consulting model is built around six key steps:

  1. First contact – typically by referral
  2. Relationship – trust and shared values
  3. Conceptual agreement – what do you want and how might we achieve it?
  4. Proposal acceptance – we agree on how we will support you
  5. Implementation – we do what we say
  6. Results – we measure what we achieve

We measure our success by the degree to which:

  • We create trust with you
  • We bring useful content to you
  • We develop useful processes with you
  • We share our knowledge and expertise with you
  • We achieve great results for you!

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